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You may remember lounging in a safari chair in Trent’s Champlain and Trail Colleges while putting the final edits on a paper; or perhaps you were sitting deep in academic discussion with a professor in the Rubidge Hall senior common room. Now you can reclaim these memories with a piece of Trent’s unique design heritage. Under the banner of Trent Furniture, two special edition safari chairs will be available to alumni and staff.

Frames of FSC certified oak or ash are beautifully paired with the finest Belgian, double-stitched veg-tanned leather and precision joinery to create a strong, elegant chair. Clean and iconic lines combine with very best materials and craftsmanship to produce a chair that will stand the test of time.



Safari Chairs

Safari Chairs

BlogJun 04 20130 Comment

There’s little doubt, some of the most iconic mid-century designs are lounge chairs. The LCI, Barcelona, Swan, Egg, Coconut, Womb, Eva, Chieftans, Pelican, Wegner’s Wing—it seems every designer had at least one comfortable chair in their portfolio. Perhaps it was the appeal of the ...

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